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Dofus Touch Kamas

Attention (1M=1,000,000 Kamas)

Lekamas will never ask you to return your kamas or items in game, We will always ask you to come on the Live Support to discuss any issue, Don't give away your kamas or items to someone claiming to be lekamas. Thank you for understanding. 

Wanna to Exchange kamas on different servers or games? Contact Live Support for Exchange your Kamas

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Dofus Touch Kamas

Buy cheap dofus touch kamas on lekamas, huge stock on every dofus touch server for INSTANT delivery. Safer, Cheaper, Faster with 24x7 Live Chat Support.

Delivery Time: 3 minutes.

Delivery method: AstrubBontaFace to Face.

Buying Dofus Touch Kamas will help you easily enjoy the game with time efficiency. You will be able to access better equipment to explore and conquer the world of Dofus Touch.

Why buy Dofus Touch Kamas at Lekamas?

We have huge stock on All Dofus Touch Servers (Brutas, Dodge, Grandapan, Herdegrize, Oshimo, Terra Cogita, Tiliwan) for make sure you can always get your kamas order as soon as possible. You can get almost the cheapest price with our Membership Levels Program. We offer very quick and satisfaction 24/7 online LiveChat services.

How to receive Dofus Touch Kamas?

Lekamas use "Face to Face" delivery method for all Dofus Touch Kamas orders in game, We will send you coordinate of map in game, please make sure you can receive private message in game. Then move to the coordinate that we told, we will exchange you once you arrived the coordinate of map. Normally 95% of the orders are delivered within 10 minutes after ordering. please check your email or contact us if you don't get your kamas in 30 minutes.

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