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the dofus


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The Dofus

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Abyssal Dofus

Level 180

At the start of each turn, if no enemies are next to them, gives 1 MP. Otherwise, gives 1 AP.

Ice Dofus

Level 180
25 Air Damage
25 Water Damage
25 Fire Damage
25 Neutral Damage
25 Earth Damage
Ivoire Dofus

Level 180

4% Neutral Resistance
4% Earth Resistance
4% Fire Resistance
4% Water Resistance
4% Air Resistance
At the end of the turn, damage from the next attack suffered is reduced by 50%.

Cloudy Dofus

level 180
On odd turns, increases damage by 20%. On even turns, decreases damage by 10%.
Ochre Dofus

level 160

1 AP
Gives 1 AP if no damage-inflicting attack has been suffered since the last game turn.

Crimson Dofus

Level 110
80% Power
For each distance attack suffered, the final damage inflicted is increased by 1% for 1 turns. The effects are stackable 10 times.

Vulbis Dofus

Level 100

1 MP
Damage inflicted is increased by 10% for 1 turn if no damage-inflicting attack has been suffered since the last game turn.


Level 100

50 Chance
50 Intelligence
50 Strength
50 Agility

Turquoise Dofus

Level 160

10% Critical
For each Critical Hit inflicted, the final damage is increased by 1% for 3 turns. Can be stacked 10 times.

Lavasmith Dofus

Level 180

60 Pushback Resistance.
Adds 150 shield points if the caster is moved by pushing, attraction, place switching or being carried by a Pandawa. Only enemies can trigger this effect.

Ebony Dofus

Level 180

40 Dodge

Generates 1 first charge at the start of the turn, 1 second charge upon inflicting close-combat damage, and 1 third charge upon inflicting ranged damage.

Once 5 charges are reached, the next attack consumes the charges and applies a poison to the target for 3 turns.

Each charge gives a 2% final damage inflicted bonus.

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